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Webroot is one of the top-notch providers of antivirus suites and digital threat Intel toolkit. This company specializes in producing software that can provide protection against online threats, spyware, adware, identity, and data theft. To know more about Webroot protection suites, visit the given link webroot.com/safe .

This article will describe to you the steps regarding downloading, activation, and installation of the Webroot Mobile Security system on Android devices.

How to download and install the Webroot Mobile Security system on your Android device ?

Follow the steps to download and install the Webroot Mobile Security system on an Android device.

       Begin the process by unlocking your android device.

       You have to tap on “Menu” to go into the phone menu list and search for “Google Play Store.”

       Tap on “Google Play Store” to enter in. You will notice a search bar at the top of the interface.

       You have to type “Webroot” in the search tab and press the search button present on your keypad.

       You have to scroll, spot, and tap the authentic Webroot application.

       You will find the “Download button,” tap the button to download the application.

       As soon as the “Download” button turns into an “Open” button, you can conclude that the installation procedure is over with the downloading simultaneously.

How to Activate Webroot Mobile Security on your Android devices ?

Follow the lead of the steps given below to activate the Webroot Mobile Security system on an Android device.

       After the Webroot setup file is downloaded, return to the menu list.

       Search for the Webroot app, and tap on it to launch the application.

       You will get two options, “Create Account,” and “Login.” “Login” for those who already have used Webroot products and have an existing online management account for Webroot products. Those people can log in by merely providing the interface with an email id and password—Press “Login” after entering the credentials.

       Select “Create Account” if you have purchased the Webroot product for the first time. You have to enter the “Product key” in the designated field on the interface. The key is sent to you through the mail, or you can find it on the retail card if you have purchased the product from a digital retail store.

       Then provide an active email id and set a strong password to protect your Webroot account.

       At last, press “Create Account” to proceed.

       In this step, you have to read the Webroot solution agreement very carefully. If you agree to the statements, then press “Agree” to proceed further.

       You will come across a “Welcome Screen” that introduces the user to the application. Click on “GO” to move on.

       You will get prompted by the operating system to permit the application with access to media, applications, files, etc., so that the Webroot can scan all of it. Press “Allow” to grant the permission.

How to Uninstall Webroot Mobile Security App from your Android Device ?

Follow the steps to remove the Webroot Mobile Security app from your android device.

1.      You need to access the “Settings” from the menu list. Then, search for “Application management” in the settings and tap on it to enter. Locate the “See all apps” and press it. Then you need to find the “Mobile Security” icon and press on the “Uninstall” button to remove the application permanently from the Android device.

2.      You can also practice this method if you are unable to perform the above method. You need to access the menu list on your android device, press and hold the Webroot icon; you will find the “Uninstall” option, tap on it to remove the app permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

       Which Webroot product to choose for Mobile devices?

Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile is the best Webroot product made to protect your portable devices from digital threats. The app inspector scans the entire device, including every single file, on a daily basis. If any malicious file is found, the application will quarantine the file and disable it. Then, in the next stage, the security system will remove the file permanently from the device.

        How to activate your Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile?

You need to download the Webroot mobile security app using this link webroot.com/safe . Then, launch the downloaded application. In the interface, you have to enter the keycode to activate the Webroot product on your device.

       How to browse the internet safely?

Firstly, you must have a dependable antivirus protection suite like Webroot mobile security app. In addition, you have to avoid file-sharing sites, community sites, and adult sites. You can also personalize the search engine or the web browser by increasing the browser security settings, increasing the firewall security, and entering trusted/verified websites. Visit webroot.com/safe now to download Webroot mobile security from the official website.